Emily’s skillset

Developer: While I do not have a background in programming, I recently began learning Python, HTML and CSS. I have enjoyed developing my knowledge of these languages and hope to further my experience with them during this course.

Project Manager: I am very organized and have experience with juggling my projects and tasks at once. In the past, I worked as an operations assistant so I am familiar with making sure things are running smoothly while taking care of issues quickly and efficiently.

Researcher: My background is in history and using traditional research methods. I love to dive deep into new specific events or periods in history.  I have experience working with a variety of source material and often use online databases to further my research. My past academic research has focused on British history and more specifically the creation of its social welfare state during WWII.

Outreach Coordinator: I am familiar with and use various forms of social media.  I enjoy engaging with others and believe community engagement is extremely important when working on humanities projects. During my undergrad, I helped with community outreach for a museum exhibit I curated with other students.

Designer/UX: I some experience with design and user experience but I am interested in learning more and developing a solid understanding of this area. I am familiar with Adobe Premier and Indesign.