Skills – Marcela

Hi All,

As I mentioned the last Tuesday, this is a class in which my aim is to learn digital skills. This semester I am taking a class on GIS. I know to use Excel, SPSS, NVivo. For my own digital project (capstone project), I will have to learn to create a webpage, visualization of statistics, creation of interactive maps, and analysis of photographs. The range of skills I need to learn is broad, and I am willing to learn and assume a more supportive role in this area.

I have certainly an extended experience doing research, in project management, and outreach, though I am not particularly interested in doing something in social media. Those who took classes with me know that as life philosophy I do not use social media.

I think that for two of the projects, it is important to mention that Spanish is my mother tongue and race and ethnicity is one of my fields of specialization.

Among the three projects presented, though I find all of them super interesting, I am more inclined to participate in Kelly’s project. I am academic and I like a lot of her proposal and the fact that she had the imagination and courageous to create a journal. This is something I would like to be part of and gain experience. I also know well the field of publications. I have published myself and I am reviewer in peer-reviewed journals.