Heritage Reconstruction Group Update

Over the past two weeks, Heritage Reconstruction has thought about the questions that arose from our mock presentation. We have made edits to our database, created a map in ArcMap to start a springboard of conversation for a mapping aspect for our project, and continued to update our Twitter feed. Brett brought up a great point about the pros and cons of a digital map vs. more sites. As of right now, we are leaning towards a little of both. I provided a basic run-through of how to import a CSV to Omeka with the rest of the group after our class meeting and Marcela is determined to add another site before Thursday. We added one last night during the demo, but it is still ‘private’ and needs to be further updated. So, we are approaching the teens of objects in our database. The static map that was created will be revised and converted to Tableau to provide information within the tooltips. A wonderful point Marcela made was to make the Tableau tooltips direct the viewer to the object within our Omeka database, which seems manageable as a hyperlink. We are very excited about the last two weeks of hard work before our presentations in early May. Also, our webpage is continuously updated by our wonderful Twitter feed. While on the site, I am always captivated by the most recent tweet.