Margael’s bio

Margael St Juste is a digital humanities student at the CUNY graduate Center. She earned her undergraduate degree in History and a minor in Economics with honors. She completed her independent research thesis on the Hitler-Stalin Non-Aggression Pact of 1939 detailing the reciprocity of influence between the two regime leaders in the interim world war period. She also completed relevant projects on black identity, black scholarship, and middle east studies. In her current academic pursuit Margael is focusing on 20th and 21st century neocolonial systems and practices through the political paradigms of self-determination and sovereignty. Margael hopes to use digital tools and platforms to enrich scholarly conversation on these topics and to build technologies of access and visibility for other digital humanists with neocolonial barriers.

Margael is the outreach coordinator for the Heritage Reconstructed project which is dedicated to digital and virtual reconstruction of sites in peril. She is responsible for all external communication with academics and digital scholars, including those whose work are the foundation of our project. In addition, she promotes public conversation about the project on social media platforms as well as within digital humanities spaces. She is also responsible for optimizing pages for online search engines.